How to be ready for Spring 2022

In the last post I invited you to write down three physical activities you want to be easier or more possible in Spring 2022. What did you come up with?

Winter is a time exercising can become extra challenging. How do you meet other challenges in your life? Exercise is no different. It takes a bit of planning to ensure you will stick with it year round. Why is that so important? Because your body is a use it to keep it system.

“You are what you repeatedly do” Aristotle

When you start with what you want to be able to do in Spring 2022, you know what you need to “repeat” this Winter to make that happen. If there are activities on that list you cannot do right now, treat that activity like you would a small plant that you want to grow. Give it just a bit of what it needs, consistently, and watch for signs it is thriving on that level of movement.

Lets say you want to be able to hike in spring. If your stamina is low and climbing hills is painful right now, start at the level you can do now. Starting with hills and speed and distance wont make your body stronger, it will just set back the process of growth. Just like a small plant only needs a small amount of water, just enough done with consistency is the key to progress.

While this may seem like a ‘no brainer’, raise your hand if you tend to be an all or nothing type exerciser. You likely can trace that all or nothing mindset back to athletic performance goals somewhere in your past. We all want to make progress but our body can only grow at its natural rate. When you want to be healthy, its time to be a ‘something is better than nothing’ exerciser.

Take a moment now to:

  1. Sum up what you want for Spring 2022 in one word. For example; calm, strength, stamina, energy, flexibility, balance
  2. Choose one time each day you will set aside at least a few minutes to practice that skill
  3. Choose one simple movement you can do intentionally each day; walk, dance, stretch, balance,

Keep it super simple and arrange it so it feels like a celebration of what you CAN do each day. Put on music, invite a friend to join you, or add anything to remind you this is a time you are taking for yourself. When you use this season well, the next one is mostly likely to be filled with activities you can enjoy with more ease.

Keep Moving, Be Well


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