It’s Spring Training Time Again!

This weekend, we turn the clocks back one hour. Its amazing how much that one hour makes a difference in our plans, our time, and our energy doesn’t it?

It is however, a defining moment in our year. It is a clear invitation to make a plan for the upcoming season.

Each year on this blog, I invite you to take a few minutes this week and write down your Spring Training Plan. When winter exercise is spring training for the activities you want to be able to do by the time we spring forward, it is much more motivating, time efficient and enjoyable!

Writing something down is powerful. Taking the time to do it is often the challenge. Don’t put it off, this is your moment.

Grab a piece of paper and pen or just open the notes section on your phone and write down three physical activities you want to be easier or more possible in Spring 2022.

In the next blog I will share with you how to use that information to stay motivated to exercise through the shorter days of winter.

Happy Spring Training Everyone!

Keep Moving, Be Well


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by | November 2, 2021 · 8:09 pm

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