Is your Body Ready for Spring?

Despite the recent snow here in centeral Massachusetts, springtime weather is not far away. Is your body ready?

Back in the Fall we took time to do a Spring Training exercise plan. Now it’s time to check in and learn from what worked and what didn’t. Why? Because awareness is the first step for lasting changes. When you want to be healthier, feel better and function better through weight loss, the learning never stops. Each season of life brings new challenges and opportunities to being healthy. The change of seasons, especially from winter to spring is one of the best times to learn how to sustain weight loss habits.

Lets start with what went well this winter. Looking back over the past few months, what are you feeling good abou?. This can be in any area of your health or wellbeing, not just exercising. Noticing what is working in one area allows you to apply that to other areas. Jot down what worked well in your calendar in October so you remember to consider doing this again.

Now, consider what you wish you did differently. Keep the mindset of observing with curiosity, with a good dose of self-compassion. What got in the way? Was that a temporary challenge or is it a more long term change for you now in life? If it was temporary, is there anything you woudl have done differntly? If its long range change, what do you need from exercise now? What is possible now?

Also consider if what you were planning on doing was realistic and meaningful. Often we overestimate what we can fit in for exercising. Try reworking it as a range, like 5-20 minutes of walking 3-5 days a week. This allows for exercise to still fit in even when ‘life’ starts getting in the way. Keep it meaningful by connectign it with what matters most in yoru life. Exercising to burn calories so you can lose weight is too far removed from your Why. That connection to what you value most in life is a key to staying motivated.

In your October calendar, write down the insights you gained from what didnt work well this past winter.

Winter can be one of the most challenging times to keep moving . Before you jump into springtime activities, get the most from this is the moment of the year by noting what you learned. Write it down so each witner it becomes easier to stay healthy and ready for springtime activities.

Keep Moving, Be Well


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by | March 15, 2023 · 1:44 pm

It’s time for Spring Training 2023!

Each year on Keep Moving Weekly we turn the struggle with motivation to exercise through the winter into Spring Training. We do it right before daylight savings time to be ready for that sudden change in daylight.

Spring is that great time of year when you WANT to get out and do stuff! But if you have been hibernating all winter, your “use it to keep it” body says “Nope!”.

This year, let’s add another layer onto that body training, to ensure your Spring Training keeps you mentally and emotionally fit all winter long too.

We are dealing with what has been lost as a result of the pandemic, in addition to the ‘normal’ life challenges. Winter can be a great time to recharge. Exercise that is not just for your body, but for your mental and emotional health too can be an all in one tool you can use to emerge in springtime feeling stronger all over.

  1. Ask yourself what you need most right now . Just brainstorm and see what comes up. Better sleep so you have more energy? Calm anxiety? Feel more hopeful, less depressed? More confidence you can move with less pain?
  2. Choose a type of exercise that gives you that. It comes from knowing how to exercise in a pain-free range, at a level that gives you energy and you enjoy. We often need to get creative, but there are many options out there, so don’t give up hope at this step. If you need help, post a question in the comments and I’ll offer some suggestions.
  3. Put that exercise at a time of day when you could use it most. Maybe at the start of your day, or before dinner, or after brushing your teeth. Think of it like a vitamin you are taking to treat a challenge you are having right now. It may not be the cure, but if it helps even a little, you are moving in the right direction.

REMEMBER: Consistency is more important than intensity or duration! That ‘use it to keep its body and brain’ need constant reminders of what you want to keep. Even a few minutes a day is enough of a reminder!

Before you turn your clocks this weekend, make your Spring Training 2023 plan. Writing it down and sharing it with someone are two ways to boost your self-motivation to put it into action.

Post your questions and comments and let’s support each other to keep moving and be well this winter!

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by | November 2, 2022 · 2:51 pm

Don’t let lower body limitations keep you down

What do you do when you are exercising regularly, feeling great and then lower body pain or injury stop you in your tracks?

Get creative!

Why? The biggest problem I see when someone who is exercising regularly has an injury is the sudden loss of that stress relieving, brain chemistry balancing benefit they were enjoying from regular exercise. That loss can spiral you downward not only physically but mentally too. You can find yourself feeling more anxious and depressed and less motivated for other healthy habits too.

When your lower body is limited there is still a lot you can do to keep moving. With some creativity, open-mindedness, and patience you can prevent the downward mental and physical spiral by shifting to focusing on what you can do rather than what you cant do.

Keep in mind: Your upper body is not designed for the same movements as your lower body. If your upper body is not very strong or flexible, start extra slow and progress very gradually to give your upper body time to build strength, endurance and mobility to do what you are asking it to do.

Cardiovascular Exercise in a seated position

Seated aerobics is a great option because you can do it at home and can find free and low cost options. Here are a few:

Fuzion Fitness

Paul Eugene

Even if you are not a senior, there are many senior exercise videos that could be fun to try as you recover.

Note: I do not recommend using hand weights while doing aerobics. Its not worth the risks to your shoulders!

You can purchase chair aerobics DVD or on demand videos for about $15 at Seated aerobics for Everyone

Strength in a seated position

Focus on upper body seated strength exercises incorporating your core into each movement. Exercise bands sets with a door attachment work great for this because they allow you to do all the basic exercises in a seated upright position.

There is even some evidence that exercising the leg that is not injured can help keep the other leg stronger so use what you can to keep your body strong!

Stretching in a seated position

Stretching has great new science behind it that indicate it to be one of our best anti-inflammatory types of exercise around!

That research shows you are not just stretching muscles, you are helping your connective tissues system stay fluid and function well. Those cells help your immune system and musculoskeletal system function best.

Plus, stretching while healing from an injury or pain flare up can help reduce down-stream tightness that happens when one part of your body is not functioning well. Your whole body adapts to moving when one part is not working well. That can cause tightness in other areas. Whole body stretching is one of your best resources for minimizing the ripple effect of not moving as much while you heal.

As best you can, strive to maintain a balance of strength, stamina and mobility to keep your whole body function as well as possible.

If you are a UMass Memorial Weight Center patient, our online programs give you exercise videos and resources for doing strength and stretching exercises in a seated position.

Please post your comments or suggestions below.

Keep Moving and be well, (even when your lower body is limited!)


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by | April 27, 2022 · 3:19 pm

How did your Spring Training go?

Happy Spring!

Each Fall we take a few moments here at Keep Moving to plan our Spring Training, AKA winter exercise plan. I like to call it Spring Training because I find it makes exercising through the winter more motivating. As you may have already experienced, that first nice warm Spring day is so motivating to get out and be more active. If you kept moving through the winter, especially doing the specific types of exercise for the spring activities you enjoy, your body thanked you by feeling strong and ready.

If by chance Winter was a time of hibernation, no worries! We often learn the most from not doing what we had planned on doing.

Whether your Spring Training went as planned or not, now is the time to capture what you learned so next Fall when we plan again, you are more prepared than ever to make the most of your Winter exercise plan.

Take a moment to write down your answers to these questions:

  1. What went well this Winter?
  2. What do I wish I did more of?
  3. What do I want to remember for next Winter?

Put the answers somewhere you will find them in October when we plan for our next Spring Training session.

Keep Moving, Be Well


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by | April 13, 2022 · 9:34 pm

Go for the Gold! Exercise Consistency!

The Olympics are always inspiring. Athletes pushing their limits to be the best. Those “gold medal” moments on the podium are a sweet the reward for all their hard work.

When you are exercising for sports performance, thoughts about those are the moments that keep you going. But what about when you are exercising for being healthy, losing weight or keeping it off? The gold medal moments can easily be missed, overlooked by the times you didn’t make progress or reach a goal.

Plus, athletic careers come to an end. The desire to be healthy never ends. The long road ahead can seem daunting when you don’t have those ‘gold medal moments’ to keep you going.

If there were gold medals for exercising to be healthy and well, consistency would be the ultimate challenge to overcome. Yep, I know that sounds boring. I have not seen any news headlines saying “Woman beats the odds and sticks with her exercise program through stressful times” or “Man exercises consistently through the winter months”. Stories about being a healthy exerciser isn’t the stuff of great ratings, but it is the golden key to being healthy.

We have a use it to keep it body. We live in complicated and stressful times. These two facts mean that every day you are consistent with exercise, it’s a “gold medal” moment. So treat it as such! Celebrate those small wins that only you know. The times you kept going even when the scale didn’t move. The times you chose to get up rather than hit the snooze button. The times you got creative when your kids wouldn’t nap and had a dance party with them instead of doing the video you planned on doing.

Share your ‘gold medal’ moments of consistency with exercise and I will be cheering you on every step of the way of this life long journey to Keep Moving and Be Well!


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by | February 28, 2022 · 9:53 pm