The ten percent rule for exercising with the quickest results

When you want quick results for weight loss, the temptation is to start exercising more. But what we are learning about the body, and the brain, is that more is not necessarily better!

A smart way to exercise for the quickest results possible is to respond rather than react.

Take a moment to check in with the reason your weight is up in the first place. If its inflammation, you need exercise to help calm your nervous system and not create more stress. Doing too much too soon will only add to the problem. Try some mindful movement and other forms of exercise that calm you. That means if you are short on time, find something that is very doable in the time you have available. If you are embarrassed about your weight, exercise at home or somewhere you feel comfortable. Stay away from competitions and challenges that can cause you to do more than your body is ready to do.

Use exercise to help you sleep. Lack of quality sleep has a strong connection to weight gain. Exercise can help you sleep better when used well. Notice the type of exercise and time of day that has the best impact on your sleep. For some, this is higher intensity exercise to help calm anxiety. For some its lower intensity to slow down from a busy day. Only you know what is right for you.

Movement science tells us that the body can adapt to a 10 percent increase in exercise per week. If you are walking for 30 minutes, that would be a 3 minute increase the following week. That is not much! The 10 percent rule is just a guide but a helpful one to keep your ideas about how much you need to increase in check.

Most important is listen to your body, start with the amount that does not cause fatigue or pain or soreness, use a slow gradual increases in the amount of exercise you do, and be consistent. It is not easy to be at a weight you don’t want to be at. Thrown in lots of self-compassion to help you focus on what you can do each day and your body is most likely to thank you with not only weight loss but greater strength, stamina and mobility each step of the way too!

Keep Moving, Be Well


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by | October 5, 2021 · 5:30 pm

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