Summer Goals Check In

horizonLabor day just on the horizon… How are those summer exercise goals going?

Pull out those goals we discussed at the beginning of the summer.

Give yourself a little rating  – on a scale of 0-10 how are you doing?

If you are up there on the scale for staying active this summer – congratulations.  Take a moment to jot down what helped you stay on track.  What were the key elements that led to your success.  Tuck it away for next summer.

If the goals have not surfaced in your mind until now, no worries. There is still some time to feel good on Labor Day about your activity level this summer.

First figure out what happened.  What got int he way?  Were the goals too lofty? Did some unexpected challenge come up? Or did you just slip into summer mode and forget all structure?

The temptation is to say, “I blew it this summer, I will just start after labor day”

That “later thinking” is what keeps us in the all or nothing cycle – over and over again.

Time to take charge of now.

What can you do in the next two weeks?

Make the choice to recharge your motivation right now – by doing something! It is way better than doing nothing.

Throw out to sea the “all or nothing” approach and reel in the “all or something” mindset.

What will you do today to take a step toward your goal?

Keep Moving, Be Well


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