Healthy Summer Footwear

Summertime footwear is so easy isn’t it?  Just slide into a pair of flip flops and you are good to go.  No fuss, no muss…

foot painExcept…. you might notice that foot pain, like plantar fasciitis starts up again or worsens.

I know many of you know there is a connection there.  Wearing flip flops causes the pain to returns.  But, it is so hard to give up that summertime ease!

Since pain is simply a signal from the body that it is working too hard, let’s find ways to make summer easier on the feet so we can keep moving.

Even though it is not as easy to slip into, finding sandals with a back makes all the difference.  Why? Because the toes and muscles in the feet can relax.  Without support for the back of the foot, the muscles over work to keep the shoe on with each step.  It is subtle, but over time it makes a big difference.

Check out these “do it yourself”  ideas for making flip flops  better for the feet.  If you are not a DIY kind of person, here is a blog by Katy Bowman with other resources to look into.

flip flopsStepping a bit out of the comfort zone with summer footwear can actually help keep us moving more comfortably all summer long.

Keep Moving, Be Well


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