How to make next summer even better (starting right now!)

How was your summer? Now that we are on the tail end, you have a tremendous opportunity to make next summer even better.

If you went on vacation or just did activities that were not your usual, how did you feel? Did your body hold you back or were you able to do what you wanted to do? Did worry about your body hold you back or were you confident that you could say ‘yes’ to activities this summer?

It does not matter if those activities were sitting in a car for a long time or kayaking on a lake or biking on trails, if you wanted to do it, but your body just didn’t have the strength, stamina or mobility to handle it (or you worried it wouldn’t), now is the best time to start getting ready for saying ‘yes’ to more fun next summer!

If you had a summer filled with activities you weren’t able to do in a while because you have been doing things to feel more comfortable and confident in your body. Congratulations! That was your ‘fitness test’ telling you what you have been doing is worth keeping up!

Either way, now is the best time to decide what you want to tell your body you want more of or want to keep.

Why is now the time?

  • how you felt is still fresh in your mind. You can remember what you felt like as you did or didn’t do activities. How your body felt is a powerful brain changer. It is where habits are formed – from your body to your brain so capitalize on it!
  • your brain can think clearly now if winter blues typically derail your best intentions. While the weather is still nice, and the days are sort of still long, you can plan with more optimism and confidence
  • your body is a use it to keep it system. What you do today is setting the stage for your future capability. Today is your chance to tell your body through movement what you want to keep, and what you don’t need in the future.

Ask yourself three questions:

  • What activities did I enjoy that I was not able to do in prior years?
  • What activities did I say ‘no’ to because I was worried my body could not handle it?
  • What activities do I want to make sure are part of next summer?

Now, plan your fall and winter exercise time for these activities.

For example:

  • If it is the ability to be on a car ride with out back pain, start exploring how to add stretching breaks throughout your day so your body is less resistant to movement and you know how to help it recover from sitting for longer periods.
  • If it is to get in and out of a kayak with more ease, start practicing that movement, starting with knowing how to use your core to stabilize your body.
  • If it is to enjoy bike rides on our beautiful Rail Trails with family and friends, start riding an exercise bike a few times a week, gradually working up to 30 minutes at moderate to comfortable challenge, as your stamina and body allows.

This does not need to be some super complicated, time consuming, exhausting exercise plan. In fact, that lowers your chances of staying with it throughout the winter to get the results you want next summer.

It simply needs to stay connected to those activities that make your life better, be done in a consistent way, gradually increasing as your body allows, until you get to a level you feel confident will keep you saying ‘yes’ to what you want to do next summer.

Keep Moving, Be Well,


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