Balance, falling and weight loss success

After my shower yesterday, I stepped one foot out to grab a towel, and as I was moving back into the shower my foot slipped. It was that slow motion “oh my God, I really am going to fall and die in the tub”. There was a little floundering, and then it was over… I actually caught my body in a back bend position – I didn’t hit my head or bang up anything, and today I am feeling no pain or strain. Yay!!

UMass Memorial Weight Center Patient

This was a Non-scale Victory (NSV) from a UMass Memorial Weight Center Patient. She attributes her ‘success’ with sustaining a slip in the bathroom to her regular strength and stretching program.

A Non Scale Victory is a term we use to highlight the benefits of all the nutrition and exercise changes made along a weight loss journey that do not show up on the scale.

There are many NSVs that go unnoticed. This is a perfect example.

One might think it was luck that kept them on their feet, but regaining balance is a skill that can easily be lost without practice. Having a body that is free and able to move quickly is something you only keep with practice too.

Fear of falling is a big deal, especially with aging. Its not just a big deal because of the risks associated with falling. There is a greater risk underlying every thought that you might fall – the risk of moving less.

When you move less because you are afraid of falling, your body adapts and gets weaker, lowering your ability to move quickly and freely when you fall off balance, so you move less, and so on, and so on.

The fact is, we humans are going to fall off balance. Its just part of being a human living on two feet! Exercising to improve balance is just one piece of preventing injury from falls. The other equally important skills to practice often is stretching so your body is able to move without resistance and strength training so your bones can withstand impact if you do fall.

The thing is, you cannot get this from taking more calcium, getting more protein or eating super foods. You can only get supple and strong by telling your body often that you want to stay supple and strong!

Every time you catch yourself when you fall off balance, or don’t sustain an injury when you do fall, celebrate that your body took care of you because you are taking care of it! That is a Non-Scale Victory worth more than its weight in gold!

Keep Moving, Be Well


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