How did your Spring Training go?

Happy Spring!

Each Fall we take a few moments here at Keep Moving to plan our Spring Training, AKA winter exercise plan. I like to call it Spring Training because I find it makes exercising through the winter more motivating. As you may have already experienced, that first nice warm Spring day is so motivating to get out and be more active. If you kept moving through the winter, especially doing the specific types of exercise for the spring activities you enjoy, your body thanked you by feeling strong and ready.

If by chance Winter was a time of hibernation, no worries! We often learn the most from not doing what we had planned on doing.

Whether your Spring Training went as planned or not, now is the time to capture what you learned so next Fall when we plan again, you are more prepared than ever to make the most of your Winter exercise plan.

Take a moment to write down your answers to these questions:

  1. What went well this Winter?
  2. What do I wish I did more of?
  3. What do I want to remember for next Winter?

Put the answers somewhere you will find them in October when we plan for our next Spring Training session.

Keep Moving, Be Well


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