The science of making New Year’s exercise motivation last

Happy New Year! I am re-posting my New Years post from two years ago. Little did we know we would need A LOT of help with motivation in 2020! Although it’s a new year, getting a fresh start will be extra challenging this year. We need these three simple tools from motivation science more than ever. When it comes to exercise, it boils down to this:
– Small steps lead to big and lasting changes. When what you do feels good now, your brain wants you to repeat it. If you have not been exercising, restart mindfully so you avoid the trap of trying to push for faster results.
-Cut yourself some slack! Its been quite a ride this year, and we need to forgive ourselves for letting things go a bit. Use the same words of encouragement and kindness you would use for someone else and your motivation is more likely to stick around past January.
– Find the motivation inside you – there is no magic out there. The only one who knows how you feel and what is most important to you is YOU. Take time to find the ‘why’ for exercise that is most motivating for you and you will be your own best source of support.

Keep Moving Weekly

How to get enough exercise in the busy seasons of your life (2).pngAhh, that fresh start feeling of a brand new year.  Your mind is now free of that holiday to do list and your body is ready to get back to healthier eating and sleeping.  This wave of motivation feels great and hopeful.  Let’s give it a boost and talk about what science says about making that New Year’s motivation last!

Create a habit loop:  Neuroscientists  have spent decades studying the brains of people in many different scenarios and have come up with a simple explanation for habits.  As described in this TED talk by Judson Brewer, MD PhD, the brain is hardwired to do what leaves you feeling better and avoid what makes you feel worse.  This gravitation toward instant gratification is there to keep us safe.  Avoiding plants that gave you a stomach ache and traveling to get to a safer location was what helped our ancestors survive.  Using…

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