Exercise and your immune system

There seems to be a lot ‘going around’ lately. Exercise has been shown to have a very positive effect on the immune system in many ways. Keeping up with regular exercise is one of your best ways to keep your immune system strong, especially this time of year. Studies show this for both cardio and for strength training. This study also showed and immune system boost for meditation. Try a variety of types of exercise, including mind/body types such as yoga and tai chi as they could give you the best of both benefits in one.

If you feel something coming on, it could help to exercise, as long as you listen to your body. Pushing your body harder does not seem to help when your immune system is working overtime. But a little bit of exercise could go a long way to help give your immune system some help in protecting you. Your body will tell you so trust it! Just don’t sacrifice the other important immune system boosters. The number one is sleep. Arrange your exercise to best help you sleep. For instance, exercise earlier in the day if exercising later makes sleep more difficult. Add some mind/body type exercises later in the day to help calm your nervous system through your brain and your body.

When you are returning from an illness remember that the loss of fitness is invisible. Assume you have lost strength and stamina and start back with about fifty percent of the duration and intensity that you were doing before you took time off for the illness. Pay attention to your body and remember you cannot speed up the natural growth rate for your body. Give it time as you regain your level of fitness.

Keep moving, Be Well (and stay well!)


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by | January 14, 2019 · 10:34 pm

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