When your body is limited, start with your mind

Blog images(1).pngCarrying extra body weight can weigh you down physically, and mentally as well.  When you have been trying over and over to lose those extra pounds, your mind can get especially fatigued.

Neuroscientists are mounting the evidence that “the mind and body are not separate; our thoughts have remarkable control over our bodies; and our mindsets are capable of improving our brains’ performance”  This article outlines some of the powerful research on how our thoughts change our body.

Fatigue from weight loss becomes a viscous cycle then.   Your mind that is fatigued from years of trying to lose weight, it can make your body extra fatigued as well.

In many cases, thinking that we are limited is itself a limiting factor.

However, this research reminds us that the opposite is also true.  Changing your thinking, can also give you an energy boost.

Next time you are feeling “lazy”, procrastinating exercise, don’t move.  Yes, you read that right,  don’t move.

When your body is limiting you, start with your mind.

Start by noticing your thinking. (without judgement, just notice) Is your brain full of all the things you cant do, all the things that are going to hurt, all the ways you are limited, all the reasons not to exercise?  Before you try to move,  shift your thinking to what is possible right now, what feels OK in your body right now and all the reasons you want to move. Fill your brain with encouragement and watch what happens in your body.

Then, and only then choose to move in ways that help your body feel better and more energized.  This will take some time and practice, but it is pretty clear, you can change your brain and your body with this mindset about your body.

Bottom Line:  Start by changing your mind and your body will follow!

Keep Moving, Be Well,



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