Does music motivate you to keep moving?

Copy of bake bread(9)Some people hear a beat and just can’t help but move.  Whether you  just tap your toes or start a full on dance party, music most likely motivates you to keep moving.

Researchers find that music activates our brain and causes both a physical and a mood-based response.  This explains why listening to music can boost exercise motivation.  It can actually make it easier to move and create a positive association with exercise.  Who couldn’t use more of that.

We are curious about what music is most likely to get your foot tapping?  The marketing department at UMass Medical Center is putting together a playlist of music to keep people motivated to move.   They decided to ask the experts… you!

What songs are on your playlist for exercise?  Share the name and artist of your favorite songs that keep you motivating.  You can do this by either posting a comment below or email me directly at

We look forward to hearing your favorites.

Together let’s expand our playlist and keep moving!

Keep Moving, Be Well,



by | July 31, 2018 · 5:13 pm

9 responses to “Does music motivate you to keep moving?

  1. Valerie Gale

    Uptown Funk by Bruno Mars

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  2. hannabelle12

    Uptown Funk – Bruno Mars
    Come with me now – Kongos
    Girl on Fire – Alicia Keys
    Can’t Stop the Feeling – Justin Timberlake
    Let’s get rocked – Def Leppard


  3. SME

    ​Fight Song – Rachel Platten


  4. Cecile F

    Brown-eyed Girl — Van Morrison
    Bruises — Maroon 5
    Just Like Fire — Pink
    Raise Your Glass — Pink
    What About Us — Pink
    Happy — Pharrell Williams


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