Strength training helps with depression

Copy of bake bread(3)Low mood and loss of interest in activities are just two of the symptoms of depression.  It effects every aspect of  life –  work, relationships,  health.

There are no quick fixes, but researchers have known for quite some time that exercise helps people take control of depression symptoms.  Most studies, however,   have used on cardiovascular (or aerobic) exercise.

A new research review that included 33 clinical trials—including nearly 2,000 people in total demonstrated that strength training does the trick too!  Check out this Time Magazine article summarizing the study.

This is great news for people who are limited with cardiovascular exercise because of pain, or simply for people who enjoy strength training more than cardio.  It also gives people who are losing or maintaining weight loss just another reason to add strength training to their exercise routine. Managing depression is a key for keeping emotional eating under control.

The key is doing strength training in the way that works with your body.   The quality of the exercises matters.  Avoid strength training based on myths or marketing.

This study provides reasons to take time to find your way to do regular strength training that leaves you feeling and functioning better, physically as well as mentally.

Keep moving, be well,



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by | June 20, 2018 · 3:42 pm

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