Outdoor activity that is fun and free!

Geocache4We are moving into a beautiful time of year in New England!  Its a great time to move in the outdoors!

If you have not already, it’s a wonderful time to try Geocaching.  This is like a big worldwide scavenger hunt that turns taking a walk outside into a game.  Geocaches are  hidden boxes of various shapes and sizes in locations all over the world.  They contain a log book where you can add your signature to the list of other people who found the box. There are small treasures in each box, you can take one and leave one for the next person. As you can imagine this is a great physical activity to do with kids, or anyone who likes to add a sense of adventure and purpose to a walk!

Simply check the website for more information and to find  Geocaches in your area.  Its fun, free and active!

Add your comments if you have more information about Geocaching to share!

Keep Moving, Be Well, Enjoy!


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by | September 5, 2017 · 6:27 pm

2 responses to “Outdoor activity that is fun and free!

  1. keepitmovingweekly2

    A patient emailed me the following tips: “We have a little multi pocket bag for Geocaching, that has all of our gadgets, pens, tweezers, items for trading, hand sanitizer, flashlight, bug spray and paper to help replace full logs.

    The one thing to remember is it can be any size, nano, to microwave oven size.

    And look like bolts, birds, rocks and pine cones, bison tubes, pill bottles, film canisters, lock n lock bowls, and ammo boxes, and magnetic key holder boxes.
    They can be in trees, on guard rails, hanging from fences.

    The main thing is to have fun.”


  2. keepitmovingweekly2

    Another patient added: “There are caches in the Land Trust areas and other hiking areas around Worcester. Also look at caches along bike trails and places to kayak”


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