Celebrating Well

walking-in-snowIf you are celebrating this month in some way – how do you celebrate well?  Meaning, how do you celebrate and still stay well – healthy, happy, balanced, active, nourished, rested, energized, calm?

The answers will vary with each person reading this.  I don’t have the answers, but you do.  What are you doing to maintain both your mental and physical well-being this season?  Take a moment to brainstorm all you or doing that works to some degree or another.  Make one section just on all the ways you move that makes you feel better.

Why?  First, because we can be so busy we don’t take time to appreciate what we are doing, only what we are not doing this season.  Second, because now you have a list of all the ways you can stay well this season.  When you start feeling out of balance, pull out the list and do one of those things to regain a sense of well-being.

That list of movements that work is a key part. When we are stressed, the body is preparing for movement.  Movement is an essential antidote to the stress response.  Sitting at the dinner table, at our desk, laying in bed, or in front of the TV stressed is only draining energy and health.  Something is definitely better than nothing here.  A quick 5-10 minute walk, stretch, dance,  a few weight lifting exercises… all great for lowering stress and regaining a sense of well-being this season.

Happy Healthy Holiday’s to all of you!  Enjoy!!!

Keep moving, be well,


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by | December 21, 2016 · 4:48 pm

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