Fitness: Part 2- Beware of Detours


Protect yourself from getting off track from the true definition of fitness.  Stay aware of these “detours” that can waste time and can distract from the true goal of living better:

  • Most popular:  Fitness trends come and go. The tendency is to think if it is popular it must be good.   Just because everyone is doing it or talking about it being great, does not mean it is great for you.  Nor does it mean it is based on movement science. Even if they use the word “research” in the ad, it does not mean the research is well done or unbiased.
  • Most challenging:  We tend to think if there is a lot of sweating, muscle soreness and pain, it must be better for us than something more moderate.  The “no pain no gain” approach is for athletes who have to sacrifice comfort for winning.   For healthy fitness there is “no gain in pain”!   If you just want to be healthy and enjoy life more, a “comfortable challenge” is the goal.    Moderate intensity really does work for health, well-being and weight loss.   Extreme challenges in exercise get so much media coverage it can seem like discomfort is the goal.  Stay aware! If it is uncomfortable it is not sustainable.  Consistency is key for healthy fitness.
  • Most expensive:  Marketing professionals know – if something is more expensive, consumers believe it is better.  The truth is,  a bottle filled with water weighing 5lbs is the same 5lbs as the most expensive dumbbell.  Your muscles do not know the difference if you are lifting an expensive weight or a “free” weight. Walking and dancing are free, and great forms of exercise.


Take a look at your list from last week.   What do you want and need to be able to do to enjoy life more?  Keep focused on that list.  Be aware of the lure of the quick, expensive, and most popular fixes – and you will stay on the road to true health and fitness.

More next week…

Keep Moving, Be Well,


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These weekly blogs are general guidelines. These guidelines apply to patients who are cleared by a physician for the type of exercise described. Please contact your physician with any concerns or questions. Always report any symptoms associated with exercise, such as pain, irregular heartbeats, and dizziness or fainting, to your physician.

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by | July 25, 2016 · 7:20 pm

One response to “Fitness: Part 2- Beware of Detours

  1. Cecile R. Favreau

    So very true and worth reminding people of all the time. Over the years I have fallen for the detours and traps many times over and after all that time, I think I am finally “getting it”. I don’t need to sweat my brains out and be panting and straining to get a good work out and I’ll never continue that intensity for any length of time. Finding something that works and I can sustain is now my goal. I love variety in my workouts and the online videos I have found are perfect to meet my need to constantly change up my workouts and that will help me to keep on going!


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