Need Another Reason To Strength Train?

dumbbellsThere are many, many reasons to add a regular strength training routine to your weekly schedule.  We know that strength training plays an ESSENTIAL role in preserving muscle, strength, bone, balance and metabolism with weight loss.

Need another reason to make it a priority?

A recent study published in the medical journal Preventative Medicine found that among the 30,000 U.S adults  in the National Health Interview Survey (HNIS), which looked at health and disease trends in people 65 and older, only about 9 percent were doing strength training the recommended twice a week.  However, when they looked at  that group a bit closer they found some impressive results.  These men and women had 46 percent lower odds of death for any reason than those who did not do strength training!

Even after they accounted for other healthy behaviors and medical conditions to be sure the results were just from the strength training.  PLUS, this is after they adjusted for their physical activity level overall. So the protection was not just because they were active or doing other healthy behaviors, it was something unique about the strength training that provided the protection.

Hopefully this will help put the myths to rest that strength training is just for body builders, or that muscle is bad because it weights more than fat, or that it causes big bulky muscles.  Hopefully next time they do this study they will find more than 9% of the folks are doing strength training!
The great news is that it does not take much time. Twice a week, even one set does it.  That will take maybe 15-30 minutes each session.   Its quite a bargain!
Keep Moving (Strength Training), Be Well,

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