Life After Weight Loss Surgery – Patient Perspecitves

“That’s taking the easy way out”, or “yeah, but you kinda cheated”, etc are probably things we’ve all heard, or even thought ourselves, in regards to bariatric surgery. I have to admit that I was of that same mindset before I began this journey. I’m of quite the opposite opinion now. Bariatric surgery is probably one of the most labor intensive, dedicated decisions a person can make…. *if* that person has resolved to change their lifestyle. Surgery is not a magic wand, it is helping hand… Success still depends on change.

I am now almost 19 months from my gastrectomy, and I’m about 50 pounds from my “I’d like to be” goal weight. What I experienced was almost at 6 month intervals…. First was the “holy moley” weight loss, then the less mind boggling, but still rapid loss, then the “little better than average”… If I can offer *any* advice that could help someone else, it would be this…. If you want long term success from the decision to have surgery, you’d better have your lifestyle ducks in a row by this time, or you WILL backslide. Get active, track your food, be healthy… You decided to give yourself a fighting chance… Fight for it. Every pound is a victory, every activity that you can now do that you could never have imagined being able to do is a victory…. LIVING is a victory.

A year and a half ago, if someone had told me “someday, you’ll be able to get up on the stair master and you won’t keel over and die”, I’d have called them a bald faced liar. Today, I do get up there… Most days, it’s for 45 minutes, some days, I do an hour (let’s just say that’s a ridiculous amount of stairs ugh! Lol). I also do weight training and other forms of cardio, and I go to the gym every day… It’s become my routine. I’ve had people tell me that I’m an inspiration, but I don’t see it that way. I see it as part and parcel of the commitment I made when I decided to take back control. If I can do this, trust me…. Anyone can!

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Keep Moving, Be Well

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