Keep Moving Through the Season

time changeIt’s that transition week.  The week that we have to adjust to the changes in daylight and nighttime hours.

How does this affect your exercise motivation?

Living in New England,  late fall and winter can be the most challenging time to stay active.

So… What is the plan this year? 

What did you learn from last year about what worked, and what did not work?

As we do with all the changing seasons – I invite you to write down your plan and share it with someone.

Feel free to email it to me, or post it in comments.

We have had a bit of a bonus this year with the lovely weather these past weeks.  Lets take advantage of it and make the plan now so we are ready when the you know what starts falling.

spring trainingKeep in mind, this is spring training! We have the next four months to train for an awesome active spring!

I look forward to hearing all the creative ways you plan on spring training this year.

Here is an article on how Mindfulness can help boost motivation.

Keep Moving, Be Well




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