Mindfulness Resources

There are two great resources for learning about the power of the mind body connection for health and well-being that are free this month.

Mindfulness has been shown to improve so many aspects of health, including weight loss.

The documentary The Connection is celebrating its one year anniversary with a week of FREE video stream of the movie.  Act fast and you get to view this beautiful and inspiring film at no cost.  The offer is only good for a few more days. If you miss it, check your local library for copies of the DVD or download it for a fee -I believe it is worth the effort to have a chance to view this film.

The Mindfulness Summit is a FREE month-long online conference with new video interviews with leaders in mindfulness each day. I am finding that there is something for everyone here – with topics such as mindful eating, depression, how to start a daily practice, the health benefits of mindfulness, and much more.

Incorporating mindfulness into an exercise routine can boost the benefits in so many ways.

Check it out and share what you learn that inspires you!

Keep Moving, Be Well


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by | October 16, 2015 · 7:51 pm

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