Mindful in May



Just a quick post to let you know about Mindful in May global online mindfulness meditation campaign.

What is Mindful in May? It takes just 10 minutes a day to bring more focus and effectiveness into your daily life. Join a global community of people bringing mindfulness meditation into their lives and making a positive impact on the lives of others.

If you have been hearing about the great benefits of meditation, but need some extra support to make it a habit, this support could help.

Keep Moving, Be Well,



by | April 30, 2015 · 3:50 pm

2 responses to “Mindful in May

  1. Rich

    I have been thinking that one of the benefits of exercise is in the meditative aspects. To quote Stuart Brown, a psychologist researching the benefits of play activities in humans, “Well, I give myself over at least three or four hours a day to what, for an old guy, is spontaneous free play. It, you know, it could be reading or what I would call as extremely low-quality rogue tennis, hiking, playing with grandchildren. But I, you know, if a day goes by and I haven’t, at this age, had some sense of timelessness and freedom and purposelessness, I’ll probably be kind of ratty by suppertime.”

    The idea of “timelessness,” and of “purposelessness” experienced during exercise/play are similar to what is sought in meditative practices (only thinking about the here and now).


    • Thank you for sharing that great perspective. I agree – I see too many burn out from all the “rules” and forget to just enjoy moving. Movement as meditation is – in my eyes – ideal!
      Thanks again!


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