Spring Training

Welcome March!!!!  You are our long-awaited month of transition.  Out with the shorter, colder, snowy days of winter into… Hahh… the activities of Spring!!beautiful-nature-The-best-top-spring-desktop-wallpapers (9)

Did we earn this Spring or what??  Clear those sidewalks for walking, prep for lots of outdoor clean up,  get the gardening tools ready, dust off equipment for outdoor recreation activities – we are ready!!!

Or..Are we?  How is the spring training going?

Yes… spring training is not just for athletes, it is for all of us.  We take spring seriously around here and don’t want injury or pain to derail any enjoyment.   Now is the time to get ready. 

What should spring training include?

  • An assessment – how is your body feeling after this winter.  If you have any aches, pains, injuries, etc. – take care to rehab them now.  Stretch, strengthen and seek the advice of a physical therapist if needed. 
  • thCAXIJ02QA plan – what are you looking forward to doing more of in Spring?  Gardening, walking, jogging, yard work?  What does your body need to be able to do you need for those activities well.  Start practicing those movements now at low-level.  Squats, core strength, calf stretching, upper body strength – whatever it is, gradually progress to the full level of these movements. 
  • A routine – If you have been worn down by this winter, defeated from the aches and pains of shoveling or still in hibernation mode  – getting started is the hardest part.  Even if you have been exercising, changing your routine to prep for spring takes some initiation.  Write down your specific plan, set up a schedule on your calendar, do all you need to do to prepare, then set a start date and stick to it. 
  • Support – Give yourself lots of support for your new routine – enlisting the support of others, phone alarms, photos of your spring activity in key places to keep your eye on the prize.   Anything that will keep you in training this month. 

One last winter activity before it  is just a distant memory – jot down some notes about this winter and your exercise program.  How large_your-photos-spring-trees1did you do? What worked well?  What would you like to improve on next year? 

Put that info in your calendar for October 1st.  

Now…. start training your body for full enjoyment of this long-awaited Spring!

Keep Moving, Be Well


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