Some thoughts for the back and the knees

Hi All

Just a quick post today. 

For those of you with knee issues, click here for an informative blog to understand factors that can strain or help the knees.

And for those of you shoveling snow lately – a couple of reminders (I know we are all hoping we won’t have to use this information again this winter – fingers crossed!)

  • Warm up before by moving around and doing some very brief and light stretches
  • STRETCH after…. please!!!!
  • Use your strength training “know how” while shoveling. If you have done chair sits and squats properly, you know how to use your hips. Keep your spine in neutral, activate your core muscles to protect the back. Use what you have been training while shoveling.
  • Use your smarts too… take breaks, listen to your body!
  • And STRETCH after shoveling – it is worth repeating!

Keep Moving (it keeps you warm!), and Be Well,




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by | February 18, 2015 · 8:36 pm

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