Healthy New Year!

December 31, 2014

Just a quick check in this week, to wish each of you a very happy and HEALTHY new year.

If you are a resolution maker this time of year I invite you to review the series on motivation we did last month in this blog  (just search “motivation”)  Here we touched on many evidenced based tips for making goals and resolutions stick.

First lets think back to last year’s resolution(s) – what stuck? – what didn’t? What made the difference?thCAQUG8XC

Next, lets brainstorm ALL successes of 2014 – anything big or small – from walking 3 miles easily to moving more throughout the day – ANYTHING that helped you move forward.

Now, you are ready to set some successful goals for 2015:

Here are some recaps of what we can learn from “successful” goal setters:

  • thCAJVNYHLDefine YOUR success clearly – what do you really want? What could you be satisfied with? Give yourself a range vs an absolute goal.
  • Let go of striving for perfection – because nobody is anyway!
  • Let go of the “all or nothing” attitude – true success is most often found inbetween “all and nothing”
  • The beauty is in the details – plan for the details of any potential barriers ie: setting an alarm to remind you to go for a lunchtime walk instead of just saying you will do it
  • Set SMART goals: (see blog on 11/10/14)
    • Success Breeds Success: set SMART goals and look for all successes big or small as you go
    • Perceived failure drains motivation: Like the old saying “if at first you don’t succeed, try, try again” – Great!  except the TRYING gets harder and harder as confidence fades from memories of past failures
  • Enlist support from as many sources as possible
  • Absolutely believe you can do this!

thCAKJNX4ZNow, Let’s go and CELEBRATE all of our successes of 2014 to help us gear up for an even healthier new year!



Keep Moving, Be Well


 Janet Huehls
Clinical Exercise Physiolgist and Health/Wellness Coach

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