Keep Moving Weekly – Deep Cleansing

December 10, 2014

 “The body is a community made up of its innumerable cells or inhabitants”  Thomas A. Edison

 Notice the big excitement about cleansing diets?  Sounds great to clean your insides, get rid of toxins, start fresh? Especially this time of year….

I will let our dietitians address the dietary side of cleanses in a guest blog.

Did you know there is TRUE deep cellular cleansing available to you at any moment of any day?

The body is made up of a whole bunch  of cells (estimates of five to 50 trillion – give or take!).   Those cells together create organs in different systems in the body that all work together to maintain wellness.  IE: our digestive system, musculoskeletal system, nervous system, etc. 

Cells are nourished by blood flow.  Blood flow also clears away waste (or “toxins”) produced by the cells.

dirty fish tankHave you ever seen a fish tank that had not been cleaned for a while? Yeah, now you have the image – YUCK!

Now imagine the cells in your body – sitting  there at a computer, TV, vehicle – stagnant for some time.  Add some emotional stress that causes the body to put things into your blood to prepare you to react to that stress physically –inflammation increases. So does the “stickiness” of your blood. The tension of your vessels grows. The body adds some extra sugar and fats to the blood – all preparing you to fight that “tiger” (threat)  causing you the stress.  

Just like a dirty fish tank, these are the “toxins” building up in your stagnant system.  How long to you want those toxins there for?  

(Let’s just say a good dietary cleanse gets rid of “toxins” – how long until your next cleanse?)

What if you could get rid of all that “stuff” before it starts to build up and cause problems in your body’s systems? 

What if you could just prevent that build up and keep the cells nice and clear to do their real job of keeping you healthy and well. 

Well – you CAN – Right now…. At this very moment…. Are you ready???

MOVE!  Stretch, walk, breathe deep, do some chair squats, wall presses, roll your shoulders, move your hands and feet – move as much of your body you want to cleanse.

Wow, don’t you feel clean inside and out!?thCAO0PCQ1

Here is a true cleanse to try this week: 

Every half hour get up and move for 2.5minutes.  OR at least every hour get up and move for 5 minutes.  Walk, stretch, dance, do some leg lifts, squats, wall presses,  – Whatever!!! 

Lets say you did this for 10 hours of the day – that would be 50 minutes of movement!!! Better yet 10 cellular cleanses a day!!! Wow – just imagine how your body would thank you!!!

My thought is that this holiday season this is just the prescription we need – reduce the effects of stress on the body AND fit in 50 minutes of movement a day without having to take much time out of your day to do it! 

Gift-BoxSounds like a great holiday gift to give yourself. 

Who’s in with me???

Keep Moving, Be Well

Janet Huehls

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