Exercise Motivation Week 8 – Mining for Gems and Setting SMARTER Goals


Last week we set some SMART goals based upon readiness to change. I have only one question this week: 

What was your best learning from last week’s goals?

Less of a concern is if you achieved them or not. Yes, that is important.

For kind of true success we have been talking about – most important is what you learned.

Many times we can get so caught up in the “score” – did I win or lose this week – that we forget that learning how to play the game is how we get more “wins” in the future.

What does a good sports coach do after a game? Study the game to figure out what happened, whether it was a win or a loss.   Just tallying up wins and losses can be fun if you are winning. The real pay off comes from learning, not just winning  

Bill Gates says,  Your most unhappy customers are your greatest source of learning

Mr. Gates certainly knows what he is talking about. Some of the best gems are in the muck. We can learn the most from when we don’t meet our goals.mining

So, what did you learn that you would like to use when setting your goals this week?

Use that so set a SMARTER goal this week.  (see SMART goals from last week)

Remember!: You know more now than when you lost and re-gained weight lasgemst time! Use that information wisely and you can go forward with confidence that you will get to your goal of sustainable weight loss.

So dig in…. learn lots… and enjoy all those gems (especially the ones you found in the muck).

Using what you learn will keep you moving toward your goal.

Keep Moving, Be Well,




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