Exercise Motivaiton Week 5 – “Building” Motivation

October 23, 2014

“I haven’t thought very long or hard of what I really want or wanted when I lost the weight I lost but you’re so right I was only looking at the scale and my clothing size ! I then started looking at the phone poles as I drove by them and thought I’m going to walk them so… I started one day walking from one to the next one and back , then adding another pole as it got easier little by little before you knew it I was walking a 3 mile loop around the neighborhood ! recently I’ve been telling myself someday I was going to run a 5k so a couple of weeks ago Shrewsbury had one and I did it ! I wasn’t first or last but I did it , something I never thought I could ever do. In fact I never thought I could ever walk 3 miles starting out with 1 phone pole !!!!!!  once you do the 1 phone pole it’s a high you can’t get enough of and it  keeps you wanting more I think because you can see the next one so I kept going  like Forrest Gump – just remember you have to get back . “   (Weight Center Patient)

 Hi Everyone:   Looks like we need to replay “Singing in the Rain” this week! See last week’s email for the link if you need a pick me up today. J

The quote above was sent to me by a patient after we started this motivation series. What struck me was her amazing success by setting very specific and achievable goals … small steps.. big results. Congratulations!!

 Many times we set goals like “lose 10lbs by next month” – What is missing here is action. Losing 10 lbs is not an action based goal. It doesn’t tell you or anyone else what you are going to do to get there.  

 Sometimes we say “I will try to walk more” or I will eat more veggies”. First of all, eliminate the word “try” from any goal.   These types of goals are missing “legs” and don’t get us anywhere. They are missing key details; the what, where, when…

 Fairhaven Church 2   fairhaven church 3  Fairhaven Church 1 

This summer I went on a tour of the Unitarian Church in Fairhaven MA. http://fairhaventours.com/unitarian-memorial-church-fairhaven-ma/

I am not an architect buff or anything – however, I was awed by the amazing detail of this beautiful structure:


 This English gothic style cathedral was completed in 1904! We took a guided tour (highly recommend it!). Every inch of the place was planned with amazing detail. And all the details have meaning and significance. Look at the images and you will see some of what I mean.

 I hold this image in my mind when we set goals. If the architect, Charles Brigham, just said “I am going to try to build a cathedral”, what would have happened? Certainly not what we see today! I would imagine the builders would lose motivation pretty quickly without knowing exactly what to do to create the cathedral he drew.

 Go back to the image you created in week one of this series of what you TRULY want from weight loss. Now it is time to give it legs with lots of detailed planning. When we have a solid plan as a strong foundation – motivation soars!

 You may know the acronym “SMART” goals. It stands for Specific, Measurable, Action based, Realistic and Time bound. Over the next few weeks we use these step to success to ramp up lasting motivation for exercise.

 The goal this week is simply to brainstorm all of the actions you will be doing to reach your vision. Please make sure they are action based. What do you know you need to do for success?? For example:

  • Exercise three days a week for thirty minutes
  • Setting out exercise clothes the night before I exercise
  • Writing down when I am going to exercise in my calendar
  • Research gyms in my area
  • Purchase weights

 Simply brainstorm the actions you already know will lead to success. Then we will break it down into SMART goals.

 Have a GREAT week!

 Keep Moving, Be Well,


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