Exercise Motivation – Week 2 -“The Incredible Power of Concentration”

October 3, 2014

This week marks my 10 year anniversary of working here at the Weight Center! Time flies when you are truly inspired each day!  It is a great time to stop and say a BIG thank you to each of you.  You have taught me so much over the past decade and I am  humbled and grateful for the chance to witness your amazing journey.  Thank you!


 Last week in our series of “unpacking” the barrier of low exercise motivation – I asked you to dig deep and uncover what you REALLY deeply want from weight loss. 

 Do you have it?  A clear image in your mind? 

 If you don’t, here are some common answers –

  • freedom
  • balance
  • to live life fully
  • to be there for my kids/grandkids/etc.,
  • to live an active life again
  • to feel beautiful/attractive
  • to trust myself/ feel confident
  • to get back to enjoying things with my family and friends
  • healthy independent aging

 When you have it… watch this video:

 The Incredible Power of Concentration:  http://youtu.be/K6rX1AEi57c


That performance is the result of a lot of learning….   learning how to stay focused on her goal.

 Did you notice how her eyes never left that feather? 

 You got it… that feather represents your true goal for weight loss. 

 NEVER take your mind off of that. 

 When we say “I want to lose weight” – we take our mind off of our true focus.

 Weight loss is just a means to an end…. Never lose sight of that!

 Focus on weight loss and we end up looking for quick fixes to get there.  This can lead to the all too common  “all or nothing” pattern.

We start thinking that our life will truly begin when the scale says it can, and miss the chance to enjoy the small and real successes along the way. 

 With the mind focused on what you TRULY want – you simply choose how to live more in line with your true goal in each moment, with each choice. 

 For example:    Getting up early to exercise because “I am trying to lose weight”  vs. getting up early to exercise because “I  really want to be a healthy active grandparent”  or “I really want to set a good example for your kids”  or “I am in training for a healthy future”.

 Feel the difference?

 The good news is that practice makes this easier.  Our brain, like a muscle, gets better and better at staying focused on the “feather”. 

She makes it look easy in this video – so calm and confident.  Lots of practice!

 Every day ask yourself “How can I get more/be more ______________________ today?” 

 Let every choice be about getting/being more of that…

 Other ways to keep your eye on the TRUE prize:

  • Surround yourself with images of what you truly want (ie: pictures of your kids/grandkids)
  • Choose a song that reminds you of what you truly want – play it often!!
  • Choose a phrase that keeps your mind on your true goal – bring your mind to that phrase when are considering whether to exercise or not. 
  • Enlist support of those you trust – discuss with them how important this true goal is to you right now.  Ask them to help you get there.

 Keep Moving, Be Well


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