Exercise Motivation – Week 1 – The Ultimate Goal

September 22, 2014

“To be nobody but yourself in a world which is doing its best, night and day to make you everybody else,means to fight the hardest battle which any human being can fight; and never stop fighting”.  ~EE Cummings

Starting our series this week, together lets unpack the barrier of lack of motivation for exercise.

This barrier so common –  I see low motivation as an “umbrella term” that covers so many other things going on with exercise. 

So together lets pull it apart, understand it a bit better, and break down this barrier that gets in the way for all of us at some point or another!
Because we cannot change something we are not aware of, we will start with gaining awareness…

healthy weight

Last email I proposed two questions to start us thinking about weight loss beyond the number on the scale. Here are the questions and the responses I received so far:  

Without using a specific body weight, BMI, or clothing size, what is true successful with weight loss for you?

  • “I feel the that the overall change in health is a significant indication of success”
  • “Getting rid of my blood pressure, cholesterol, and GERD medications (some if not all), not feeling like an old decrepit when I’m getting out of a chair, having healthier eating habits. “
  • ” when I feel lightness of being and am able to freely move about without shortness of breath and physical discomfort”
  • “I feel healthier and because I feel reborn with new energy. “

 “I  truly know I have been successful with weight loss when/ because I feel ___________ and am  (doing)____________ .

  • “I feel more energetic and limber and am doing better than the month before”
  • “I feel healthy, younger, and energetic and am doing more fun things outside of my home – like playing golf, traveling, getting together with friends, doing something besides watching TV”
  • “I feel energetic and playing all the sports I love to do.”
  • “I feel happy and feel comfortable socializing again”
  •  “I I feel good about myself  regardless of the number on the scale and am  doing the best I can”
  • “I feel  I want to go out more in public and be more active:
  • “I feel healthy, alive and fantastic  and am  doing what I should to live longer”
  • “When I sit in a chair at a work meeting/movies/airplane/etc  and am not in physical pain from the digging into my hip area.”
  • “I feel comfortable in my own skin and am getting out and trying new things such as kayaking, swimming lessons, walking 3-4 miles each morning:
  • “I feel stronger and more energetic and am getting more steps in each day . “
  • “I feel healthy and am able to exercise more”.

 It is different for everyone as you can see. The true goal is always deeply personal. 

Digging deep to uncover what you really truly want from losing weight IS your motivation. 

Once you have this “raw material” of motivation clear in your mind you are ready to start using it to stay motivated each day going forward. 
It is however, raw material, not worth much unless you do something with it.  Combine it with certain ingredients and you are on your way to making this journey not only easier, but much more fun!

So, this week lets dig deeper and “mine for” that raw material – “what do you REALLY WANT from weight loss?”  Create a strong image in your mind, write down words that describe it, find a song, an image something that clearly describes what you really want, get VERY clear about it.    

Send it to me only if it helps keeps you accountable to doing this. 

Even if you are motivated right now, do this anyway – it will help sustain your motivation long term. 

Next week we will start using that to fuel your motivation for exercise.

Happy digging!

Keep Moving, Be Well


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