How Do You Define Success in Weight Loss?

September 10, 2014

I am gearing up to start a little series in these blogs to “unpack” the barrier of motivation to exercise.

Before I start, though, I need your input.

Please reply to me with any thoughts from the following question and statement?

1. Without using a specific body weight, BMI, or clothing size, what is true success with weight loss for you?

2. Fill in the blanks with as many words as you want to complete the statement below (again without using body weight, clothing size, etc):

             “I truly know I have been successful with weight loss when/ because I feel ______________ and am  (doing)__________.

I look forward to your input and insights!  As always, I compile responses and will share responses without any names attached.

Thank you in advance.  I always learn so much from all of you!

Also, here is a link to the exercise program page on the Weight Center’s web site.  For those of you who do not know, on this page is a link for a YouTube video of the Exercise and Weight Loss talk I used to do in the surgical skills class. My hope is that it can be a resource for you to review certain exercise guidelines, motivation techniques and common myths to avoid.

Have a beautiful weekend!

Keep Moving, Be Well


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