Practice What You Want

August 20, 2014

Bonus email this week to make up for missing one last week!

I had to send another one because this is one of those weeks I am reminded of how much power we have to create what we want in our lives…

Yes, much is out of our control.  However, we truly have a choice to take charge of what is in our control.

This is not Pollyanna stuff, folks. We all know this at least to some degree, in some area of our lives; however, we need to be reminded when the challenges are large.

I just watched this video again:  “Arthur’s Transformation – Never Ever Give Up!”

Even if you have seen it, I believe it is worth the 10 minutes to see again.

This video is not specifically about yoga, or this instructor.

It is about the power within each of us to push through challenges… with a healthy mix of patience and determination!

So, what do we do when the challenges are overwhelming, yet we really want to have things like more energy, better health, feeling good/happy, and to enjoy more of life?


Practice what you want.

Start today with one minute of practicing being healthy, active, energetic.

Walk, stretch, dance, strengthen, eat mindfully… whatever it is you want to be easier and better.

Perhaps in a day or two you can practice it for two minutes.

Every day, just make the choice to PRACTICE what you want, that day for that amount of time.

Keep yourself out of the overwhelming muck of how far you have to go or how many obstacles are in your way.

Start small, really small, and build up your success gradually but consistently every day!

Just for today, let’s all PRACTICE what we really truly want more of.

Repeat tomorrow…

And the next day…

And so on,

and so on,

and so on….

Keep Moving, Be Well!


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